What Makes A Good Brand

  1. Brand social media campaigns
    As someone who makes a living from creating and executing social media campaigns I can often times be a harsh critic. I want a brand’s social media to be an extension of who they are as a company as well as a brand experience rather than selling platform. Some questions I often ask are:
    -Are they posting consistent content?
    -Is it engaging?
    -Is it relevant to (whom I believe is) their target audience?
    All of these things go into consideration when analyzing a brand’s online presence.
  2. Packaging
    I know I’m not the first person to ever buy a product because it looked cool sometimes before having any idea what the product even is. They say you shouldn’t judge a book buy it’s cover but “they” never said don’t judge a product by it’s packaging. Especially for the items that may not be quite so fun to use, ahem a certain feminine product. IF you can get a product like THAT to look appealing then hats off to you sir (or ma’am).
  3. Overall brand personality
    We all know that brand that we are obsessed with and kind of feel like they are our best friends. We talk about them in every day life, buy their products regularly, and share them on social media. These are the brands that I like to call lifestyle brands. They have a certain charm so interwoven into their concept that the brand or product itself has a strong personality.
  4. Brand cost/value
    Okay. Let’s be real… REALLY real. At the end of the day if the price of a product doesn’t make sense, we’re not buying it, literally. We often times like to pretend that we have the budget of the Kardashian’s but that drug store make-up and Korbel champagne is often times the reality. You also don’t necessarily want something that’s too cheap. It’s great if something costs $10 but if you have to replace it once a month than maybe the $20 splurge on a higher quality product makes more sense.
  5. Brand approachability
    If a brand seems to stuffy or like your new significant other’s mother in law on first visit then I have a little bit of a hard time relating and seeing the product in my everyday life. These things can be as small as the font used in the name to something as big as their involvement with charity.
  6. Brand accessibility
    If I have to drive 25 miles to the nearest location to buy it or constantly be on a waitlist then I’m probably NOT waiting. I get that as a company sometimes the supply vs. demand thing makes you seem more important and allows you to charge a higher price but as the average consumer, no thank you.

These are just a few of the things that I think creates a strong, reputable brand but the list doesn’t stop here. What are some of the things that attract you to a brand? What are some of your favorite brands and why? Let me know what you think!




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