Spring Cleaning Your Social Media

Being a Florida resident, can make it hard to spring clean when you’re not sure that spring  exists. I assure you it does and what better time to clean out and clean up your social media? While all that motivation is still pumping through your veins don’t stop at the closet or garage, jump online!

It’s difficult to keep up throughout the year with posts, tweets, photos, and videos and we forget one of our most important business cleaning tasks. Next time you find yourself on a motivational kick, check out these tips for spring-cleaning your social media.

1. Review the list of those who have access to your accounts.

Over time employees or agencies that manage your accounts can change and it’s a good measure to remove access from those who shouldn’t have it. The last thing your brand or company needs is a bitter employee or previously used agency creating a PR nightmare for you. Remove them now before you’re in crisis.

2. Change your passwords. Do it.

The amount of passwords we have to remember can be overwhelming and it never gets easier. Review your list of social media accounts being actively used and create an Excel sheet for them. Login, change, and update passwords and the excel sheet accordingly. The more organized you are with login information the easier transitions like this can be. Tools like Dropbox, Google Drive, and LastPass are great assets in helping track login information.

3. Delete accounts that aren’t driving traffic for your business

It’s a good idea to try your hand at a platform you think is beneficial for your business but if it’s not producing results than ditch it. Focus your time on what’s giving you the best return and clear up the login or handle for someone else that could better benefit from it. Remember it’s quality not quantity in the game of social media. Not sure which accounts are driving the most traffic? Funnel your website through Google analytics or use scheduling programs like Hootsuite that track the metrics for you.

4. Un-follow

A business that has more followers than it’s following has more credibility. We have the habit of following back accounts when they follow us and they have no relevance to what we do. If your timeline is full of irrelevant info it’s not of any benefit to you. Apps like Untweeps can help you quickly find the accounts that are spam.

5. Refresh your photos

Has it been a while since you last changed your profile images or backgrounds? If so, it’s time for a refresh. You can’t do a social media audit without taking a look at your profile photo! When you’re looking at your profile picture, cover photo, and background images, don’t just use your current logo, think about an eye catching image that can fit the right dimensions and stays relevant to your business. If you’re wanting to take a photo and spice it up try using Pixlr or Fotor for free editing.

6. Edit your profile descriptions

Your social media profiles are an extension of your company’s brand. Use the “About Me” section of a profile to update it with the most recent company info. Each platform is different, so make sure you can adapt your message to fit a platform as needed. Don’t forget to include links, locations, contact info, and a list of your other social profiles.

7. Tune up your social buttons

Do you have buttons to your social media accounts on your website or blog? I hope so, because this is a great way to generate even more followers. If you don’t yet have them, adding Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest buttons will tell your audience which social accounts you are on, and prompts them to follow you. Now’s a good time to make sure they’re working properly and that you’re collecting all the analytics data you need.

8. Update your contact info

This should be a given, but the fact that it is so simple makes it easy to slip your mind. Email addresses change, and email still matters. Check your contact info and make sure it’s up to date.

9. Analyze your previous results

We need to be on our game when it comes to analytics, but not everyone is good at staying on top of the numbers. Q2 is a really good time to check out your metrics and measure your progress to make sure you’re on track to meet your goals.

10. Update milestones

There must have been something big happen to your business or organization in the past year. If you have hit any major goals or celebrated major milestones, you can add them into your social profiles. Facebook’s milestones (look under the About Me section) can let your audience see just how much your brand has grown over the years.

11. Create the next quarter’s content calendar

Feeling pretty good about yourself? Good, you should. You just cleaned out a full year of clutter in minutes. Take this time to start adjusting your strategy and creating your next quarters content based on the previous quarters results. If something worked keep the same concept and reuse it. Next year’s spring cleaning could be even more simple by using HootSuite to help manage your accounts.

This all may seem a little overwhelming at first but when taken step by step can really up your social media game. When in doubt if you feel like it’s too much you can always seek out a social media professional like myself to help assess your needs and help you achieve your business growth goals through


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